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July 27, 2001
New release of Weapons Factory Arena this week. Version 3.0a is out, and the Planet iCE WFA server is upgraded. You can grab all the files you need here, and point your game to Another quick and easy way to find a game is available at

May 30, 2001
Master server for Weapons Factory Arena servers is up at The online server stats page is also available at

February 3, 2001
Quite a few happenings today. First off in news, a new server is slated for addition to the network within the next few weeks. It will be a Windows platform for all the ASP web monkies out there. Microsoft SQL databases will also be available.

After almost two years of faithful service, and a record 171 days of continuous uptime, the original server that Planet iCE grew up on has been set out to pasture. If you have any difficulty due to the move, please email support.

Please take a moment to check out last month's performance, including the increase in traffic for WFA Map Outpost.

January 25, 2001
Cleaned house today, so a bunch of dead and inactive sites have been removed. This is all part of leading up to the big move. No, we're not on the new server yet, but it's getting closer.

January 11, 2001
Moved August's news into the archive, and added rated7, an RA3 clan. Move to the new server still isn't complete.

January 4, 2001
A little bit of beta testing Weapons Factory Arena 2.5a this evening. Updated the featured pic to a screenshot of the latest HUD. Check it out.

January 1, 2001
All requests for hosting are currently pending. We're not adding new sites until the move to a new server is complete. Webserver report for December is available.

November 2, 2000
The webserver report for October is available. Also, please take a look at the traffic that WFAMAPS generated!

October 21, 2000
Version 2.0 of Weapons Factory Arena has been released. It's a full download, make sure to backup your existing wfa folder before installing. Download mirrors are listed here.

October 1, 2000
September webserver report is available. The old news has not been archived.

September 1, 2000
August webserver report is available. Old news has been moved to the news archive.

August 28, 2000
Take a few moments to check out the newest addition to Planet iCE, Thieves Society Corporation.

August 10, 2000
A great new site for Weapons Factory Arena maps and reviews has opened up shop. Weapons Factory Arena Map Outpost promises to deliver the best freelance maps as submitted by mappers, as well as in-depth reviews.

August 8, 2000
Version 1.1 of Weapons Factory Arena has been released. Read all about the changes here. Planet iCE has mirrored the full version, and the upgrade as well as the rest of the files listed here.

August 1, 2000
Webserver report is available, and old news has been moved to the archive.

July 30, 2000
Good progress this weekend, the forums are coming along nicely. Some yardwork and other things prevented me from working on them as much as I would have liked to, but there only a few minor features to add.

July 29, 2000
Work has progressed on the resurection of the Planet iCE Forums! Nothing works yet, but if everything goes well while coding, they may be operational Sunday evening.

July 26, 2000
In case you got stuck in a hole this evening, the first official release of Weapons Factory Arena happened. All the goods are available at the WFA download site, and the Planet iCE mirror is alive, with a brother.

Be sure to read up why Gamecenter ranked WFA the top Quake III Arena mod in thier top ten.

July 24, 2000
It would appear that the mirror is down. There are many available now at the WFA download site.

July 20, 2000
Check out what happens when you buy portal scrolls on the wrong side of town in Diablo II.

July 12, 2000
New Weapons Factory Arena beta .30 is available. This highly anticipated release adds the nurse class, and a slew of fixes. The upgrade is available as a self-extracting archive, and a zip file. More mirrors are available at the WFA download site.

July 7, 2000
Word has reached me that Relentless Assault (The WFA Server) is now running some great freelance maps including, Ravenloft, Cancer-B1, Faceoff, Nocturnal, and 2kingdoms. Relentless Assault is available at "", and check Weapons Factory Direct for freelance map downloads.

July 6, 2000
Got my hands on another WFA file to mirror. I'm not sure how Fileplanet is doing now, but if you're still having trouble downloading, and you need the beta 15 to beta 22 patch, I have a copy available here.

July 3, 2000
Happy Fourth of July weekend! Some of us have to work today, some don't. New webserver report is completed, and available here. Old news has been archived.

June 28, 2000
I've made available a mirror of the WFA beta 21 full install, and the patch to beta 22. Since Fileplanet is experiencing difficulty it seems, there was quite a demand for another source. You can find the full install here, and the upgrade is available here.

June 1, 2000
New webserver report available. Overall a good active month in May. Old news has been shoved to the archive.

May 25, 2000
Caught this screenshot of a decoy doing some crazy stuff.

May 22, 2000
It's official. The Windows server has gone to the big computer network in the sky. It was rather old anyway. Plans are in progress to replace it, but in the meantime, Planet iCE Forums have moved! Ashaman has hooked up some sweet forums for everyone right here.

May 20, 2000
Incase you've been under a rock all day, Weapons Factory Arena beta is out! It's not small by any means, but well worth the download. You can snag all the files you need, right here.

May 18, 2000
Ashaman has finally moved his ultimate forums to Planet iCE! These forums rock, I have a severe case of UBB envy. While the Planet iCE Forums are down, head on over his way: Ashaman's UBB.

May 17, 2000
It appears as though the primary harddrive in the Windows NT server died this afternoon. This means the forums are down, and so is the Relentless Assault website. I think that is all that was on that crap-pile. Work is in progress to restore the system.

May 13, 2000
I am reworking some parts of the site to use PHP. You might notice a few changes here or there. If something isn't working correctly however, please drop me a line.

May 9, 2000
Tried out a new webserver log file processing utility this evening. Take a look at the output, it has quite a bit more information, and it has a better look.

May 1, 2000
Took this screenshot last night showing the increase in gunner push. The sniper being shot through the air started on top of the gunner. Needless to say, it's alot. The April webserver report is available here, and some of the old news has been archived.

April 22, 2000
More Weapons Factory Arena for the masses. A red Arsonist waiting to toast some blue guys. Took awhile to get this shot of [HLM]AssRaper about to get raped.

April 21, 2000
Ohhhh yes ... Weapons Factory Arena goodness! My sniper decoy getting a back-ache, and a turret grenade.. Asha'man tossing out turret grenades next to the blue flag.. The gunner's laser keeping the flag safe. Ciler getting rather toasty from ]RA[JB's flamethrower. =PCI=Solicitor showing us how well the laser works. This mod is amazing, and it's just the Alpha test!

April 12, 2000
Help wanted! Due to several upcoming projects, Planet iCE is currently looking for HTML authors, and content writers. If you are interested in a position with our organization, email us with your credentials.

April 10, 2000
New featured site, Manta Corps, check them out. Weapons Factory Arena seems to be progressing nicely. Can't wait for a release!

April 2, 2000
After reviewing March's webserver report a little more, congratulations are in order for Felix once again as the leader for the month, go figure.

April 1, 2000
March webserver report is available. A rather slow month, but things in the Quake II Weapons Factory world have dwindling down for some time now. Need to find some new action.

March 31, 2000
I'll have the webserver report for March tomorrow, but I am thinking it will be a slow month. Weapons Factory Arena looks to be progressing well from the news on thier website. I've always focused on WF clans, and I plan to continue to do so as they branch out into other games, Unreal Tournament, Tribes, and so on. The little forums hosted here need some more action, so I hope to host some message boards for clans there if there is interest. That is all for now.

March 25, 2000 - Damn the script kiddies
A little downtime this afternoon, due mainly to the immaturity of some people. Sometime around 3:30am this morning, someone from comprimised the server. They attempted to cover thier tracks, but fortunately all logs are also recorded remotely, and they did an extremely poor job cleaning up.

The server is rebuilt, and should work as it did before. If you notice any quirks, please email us. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

March 12, 2000
I made headline news on today, and in celebration, all hosting requests will get priority attention. Please submit your requests using the hosting form. I hope to see a bunch of WFA clan sites too, which I have big plans for. Stay tuned!

March 8, 2000
Approval for hosting requests is currently taking anywhere from 2-4 weeks. There is quite a bit of behind the scenes planning taking place currently, and adding new accounts is taking longer than the usual 24-48 hours. The good news is, all these changes will improve everything.

March 2, 2000
February's webserver report is available. Congratulations to WFPeople for retaining control of 8 top ten most requested files. Felix and somehow the main Planet iCE page filled up the remaining spots.

We're currently looking at porting the forum so that the scripting will run on Linux. It'll be nice to move it off the Windows NT server.

February 11, 2000
I fixed the script for the Featured Image so that it will work correctly for all you Netscape users out there.

February 9, 2000
New look for the Planet iCE Forums is in place. Thanks to [=CC=]Anthrax for all the hard work. Still planned for are URL and image tags similar to Ultimate Bulletin Board.

February 5, 2000
The scheduled upgrades are complete! The webserver is now upgraded to the newest version, and Frontpage 2000 Server Extensions are installed as well. Please report any problems to [email protected].

On another note, today marks the 100th day of server "uptime"!

February 1, 2000
Busy, busy, and busy. Three words to describe last month's record setting performance. In January, Planet iCE served out 3.6 gigabytes of content, with 58% being JPEG images due to the overwhelming popularity of the WFPeople site. The complete webserver report is available here.

January 28, 2000
Server upgrades will be performed February 5th, and should be completed the same day. There will be minimal downtime, and notice will be posted here when the upgrade is complete.

January 21, 2000
There was some demand for the Frontpage server extensions. After a successful install on a test machine, and some extensive testing, I am ready to add them to Planet iCE. The upgrade will most likely be done early next week. I will give more notice when the time approaches. The server should be offline for only an hour or so if all goes as planned. Please direct any questions here.

January 4, 2000
I've currently been testing Microsoft's Frontpage 2000 server extensions implementation on Unix based operating systems. It is feasible to add this feature, but is there enough demand for it? If you're creating your web in Frontpage, then uploading via FTP, and would like to be able to publish directly to the server, please email me with your interest.

January 1, 2000
Happy new year to all! The last webserver report for 1999 has been processed, and is available here. A good month, with three sites with top ten most requested files, WFRef, Retribution, and Special Forces Team. Once again the main Planet iCE page right here was the most requested all month.

Please visit the new featured site, Retribution! They have been a consistantly popular site the last few months, and they recently got a new look.

The new look is finished, thanks to the hard work from :7:Wrath!

Busy start of the week here at Planet iCE. I've finished the server configuration to be able to offer email accounts. If you're interested in one, email [email protected]. A web-based meth$ shortly.

Processed the November webserver report. Check it out, another busy mon$ the 10 most requested files.

Very late, but it's done. I ran the webserver report, and archived the $ Planet iCE homepage right here was the top most requested file! I believe this is not accurate, since after I added the rotating banner script, more than a few people would refresh the main page to see all seven banners that are in rotation, which is a good thing. Jaded took up the rest $ I figured it was time for a new featured site, since BOA has been in the running for$ My vote for HPW team of the year, Synchronized Destruction.

The Weapons Factory Guild of Referees is a great new addition. Services including $ on one of four servers, and obtaining a referee, be sure to visit today!

This concludes the slacking by yours truly.

USWest does it again! Maybe you noticed a little down time yesterday morning/afternoon? At Approximately 11:30am PST the lines in this area went down. The outage lasted until 3:30pm PST, when everything came back online, and returned to normal operation.

Power outage! Approximately 2:00am this morning, Yorx Networks lost power. Backup batteries provided plenty of time to shutdown all servers properly. The outage lasted about 4 hours. Everything is operational again. I hope it wasn't an inconvienience.

Refresh this page a few times, you should see a couple of images at the top. I added a random image display script this afternoon. If you'd like to submit an image, I'll put it in rotation and give you credit for it! It needs to be the same size at the above image, and should follow the same color scheme as the rest of the page.

Welcome Jaded to Planet iCE. Home of gaming reviews and general banter.

Processed and updated the webserver reports this evening. Special Forces coming in on top for having 8 of the 10 top most requested files. It's looking like Jaded is going to surpass that next month from the start they have gotten.

No more forum. It never got used.

Got word yesterday afternoon on who made that book cover. It was reported that [RQM]Raven deserves the credit for it! It was part of an parody also made by Raven, which you can see at

After much nagging from my clanmates, I have a bio available on my clan's website, Relentless Assault. It's in the members section.

Updated the featured image after it being the same one for who knows how long. Who made that book cover anyway? If you know, drop us a line!

New featured site! Be sure to visit the LSD induced website of =BOA=!

That's an awful lot of nine's! All is well, move along now.

Performed some general maintenance this evening, as well as some upgrades. Please report any unexpected behavior to [email protected].

Introducing Streetball, a new way to meet up and play Weapons Factory.

Also, ran the new webserver report, and archived the old one.

I believe it is safe to say everything is back to normal. I never really got a final word on what was wrong, or what caused it, but more than one technical support representative told me I had the longest case they had ever seen.

Worst nine days in a long time. I hope I don't have to do anything like that ever again. Hope it wasn't too much of an inconvienince for everyone, but I know it's a pain.

Just before the downtime began, I had meant to mention that the Infernal Seraphs have moved thier website to a brand new domain. It's looking better than ever at Be sure to visit them soon!

ALSO! Check out a new site hosting OGL clans!,run by long time Planet iCE friends {ODC}BankZ and {ODC}von clausewitz. I recommend thier services so highly, I decided to feature them as Site of the Week!

My normal night of quake. My bad night of quake. Seems as though Planet iCE is taking it's toll on my connection. Going to have to figure something out!

Skipped it last weekend, but I've updated the Featured Site to Relentless Assault! Ok, so I might be playing favorites, but check it out!

Made it back this evening. Looks as though everything went ok. Imagine that.

I will be out of town for a week. Cross your fingers. :)

A little late, but I've got the next featured site! {IS} Infernal Seraphs! The overall biggest hitter at Planet iCE, according to my reports, like so many other things, they only get better with age.

New Weapons Factory server, Planet iCE style! Planet iCE (WF) 4.21a at Leave some feedback on how it performs. Once I'm satisfied with the setup, I will implement fraglogs and really get it running.

Decided to start featuring the sites hosted here. Clan Blackwing has been selected as the first featured site. Considered veterans to Weapons Factory by many, this quality site boasts a worthy clan. Visit them today!

Updated the Forum to match the new look better. Frontpage 2000 is pretty good. Wish I could get the extensions to work on Linux. If you have experience compiling the extensions for the Apache webserver, drop me a line.

Still working on the new format. Use the new Forum to communicate!

New look. Not completely finished, if you need something that was on the old page, it is available here.

My apologies for the lack of activity, and to the people who submitted requests for hosting. I have more free time available to be now, and I can be more active with this project. If you have submitted a request for hosting, and have not received a response, please resubmit. I will start processing applications again now.

Started a list of the sites hosted here. There's also a form to be able to add your site if it's not listed.

Added a new form to allow webmasters to upload new fonts for the Hit Counter.

I gave the server All Clear status this evening. All the upgrades are complete, and I'm happy with the current configuration. I'm still going to add more CGI scripts as I find more that I like. I read the documentation for the hit counter I installed, and found out it can display the time and/or date. I updated the Hit Counter examples to show some. If you know of some useful CGI programs, or some you'd like to use, email them to [email protected].

I've noticed something during the move. Some sites have experienced some trouble with thier images and links. This is being caused by differences between Windows NT and Linux. Because everything is case sensitive, if your HTML code is <img src="images/picture.gif"> and the file is named picture.GIF, the image will not be shown. To Linux, picture.GIF and picture.gif are two different files. This can be fixed by updating either the files to the proper case, or your HTML code.

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